Sunday, June 3, 2018


So here we are, June already. The days have steadily been growing longer as the summer approaches. The smell of cut grass outside mingles with the insect repellant.

The other day I travelled a few miles on the hopes of meeting like minded people to hang out with. Sadly, I was "stood up". Not surprising, and hardly the first time. Just reinforces what I was thinking at the beginning, that this path is my own, and I am on my own, as I always have been. 

Evidently I am better off on my own, both from a spiritual and a personal point of view. 

My most recent trip to the store found me bringing home various colored candles. Time to play a bit with colors and scents and thoughts and time. Time to pull......

Although I am realizing I need to be more specific in my pulls. I have apparently pulled in someone I was not intending to pull. Or as the old adage goes: be careful what you wish for. 

At this moment, I hear an approaching storm. Were it not an electrical storm, I would go play in it. 

It is also the time for "starting over". I took down the posts of my other, "normal" blog, and am starting anew.  no doubt the 4 people following it are pretty confused. 

Stay tuned

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


So here I am, wandering around the yard looking at all my roses. It's almost like they wanted me to pick them! So I obliged.

I think it is safe to say spring has sprung. Of course, in true Lobsteronia fashion it went from spring to summer in a space of about two weeks. So today has been one of air conditioning and cold drinks. I can only imagine what the true summer will be like.

Beltaine was a bit of a letdown. I went to the function and didn't see too many folks I recognized. The ones I knew I really didn't care a whole lot to talk to. Also didn't help that the Roomie didn't go along, and it's difficult to do things sometimes when you are by yourself. But I made an appearance. And was reminded why I don't do groups of people much.

Next Stop: Midsummer! Time to dig out the bug spray and swimsuit.

Stay tuned!


Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter's Last Gasp

This morning brought a sprinkling of snow, but mostly rain. I am hoping this is the last I shall see of the cold white stuff till next winter.

Winter has gotten old for me.

I am now eagerly awaiting warmer weather even at night, makes dancing under the stars much easier. ;)

I have decided to pass along my horse shoe to a friend of mine. It seems he needs the luck far more than I. And I did not wish to offend the fair folk who inhabited my own dwelling. In response, I have found several more pretty stones down by the creek. They're now on my dresser where the horse shoe was, in thanks.

Should you live in the vicinity of Asheville, NC, Kraneia herself may make an appearance in a couple of weeks. It appears there is some sort of  "market" going on. Good opportunity to try out my newer, smaller, spring wings, and have an excuse to wear my dogwood crown. Stay tuned, more information as the day gets closer where we will be.

The roomie and myself took an excursion last weekend to see if we could spy the Brown Mountain lights. Sadly, it was too cold and windy to stay long. But we'll try again when it warms up some.

What a view!

Brace yourself! Spring is coming!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Imbolc blew in on the cold winter winds. And appropriately, it rained. The world felt fresh and cleansed, if a bit chilly (It IS February, after all).

Time to get those energies flowing again, towards Light and Warmth. Yesterday I started seeds in their little pods, and hooked up a plant growing light. We'll see who sprouts.

It is if the Maiden is feelings the first stirrings, and is starting to stretch a limb here and there. Oddly, the daffodils have already begun to sprout their strappy green leaves and bright yellow flowers.  they have been early past couple of years. It's almost as if the daffs feel as I do, impatient to get things moving.

My crafttwitchings are moving again, and I have an urge to go collect twigs and glue things together.

An odd occurrence happened a couple of weeks ago. I had gone for a stroll in my favorite park. I go there often, although I had not been there of late due to the weather's not cooperating. I was heading up hill and caught a whiff, just a split second, of a sweet smell. It reminded me of cherry wood. puzzled, I looked about. Perhaps there was a fallen tree, or someone was cutting wood? But I saw nothing out of the ordinary. So I went on my way.

I returned a couple of hours later, only to smell it again. Again, it was but only an instant. This time I stopped and looked around a little more. I backed a few paces and looked in just the right place, and found someone had hung an old horse shoe in the limbs of a small tree growing beside the trail.

Now, if you follow folklore and mythology, you'll remember if the fae like you, they'll sometimes make themselves known, with music, or a smell. They also don't care for iron much--it reminds them of man, and all that humans have brought upon the world.

So my conclusion is that someone, or something, was trying to get my attention--because the horse shoe didn't belong there and needed to be removed. And also, as a sort of present. I was much flattered, and thanked the ones who were listening.

I currently have the horse shoe on my dresser. Do I clean the rust off and remove the old nails? or leave it as is?

Stay tuned.


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

a snail's pace

Some days, I think of all I need to do, and I envy snails. They have all they need within their tiny little shells. Their lives are brief, and they're pretty simple as creatures go. But simple is all they need, so simple is all they are.

I found this one a couple of weeks ago, before all the snow. It seemed to still have the snail still in it (which was a bit odd, usually when I find them it's after a bird has got to the snail and just left the shell behind)

This seems to be the time of year when life sets a "snail's pace", everything moves slowly. I get impatient waiting on the spring to make its grand appearance. I re-read gardening books, and fuss over my houseplants, and wonder if I should get that little potted plant that I saw at the store, it was cute and I didn't have one like it.

The snow has pretty much left us for the time being. It has been in the 60ish range past couple of days, and tomorrow will be almost as warm. Still too cold at night to plant things, but warm enough to do some outdoor stuff during the day.

Maybe I will take a walk tomorrow, and see if I can find some more buggy friends, who are as confused at the weather as I am.

Time paces as the snail, slowly. Yet it passes.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Elf?

It is such a rare thing to see snowfall here, at least in this amount. I sweet talked my room mate into taking some snaps of  me in my ears. Some turned out better than others.

The pines out front were white with bent branches, heavy with snow.  I thought I'd hide under one of them.

I just knew I'd get a pile of snow landing on my head, but it stayed put.

So far we have got at least a couple of inches. It may stick around for a couple of days, as the temps are supposed to be well below freezing tonight. But this weekend should be close to 60... a good time for a walk in the woods.

In the mean time, there is hot cocoa, and tea, and blankets, and the heat is going full blast.

There is something mystic and magical in the snow. It hides shapes, and makes new ones. It muffles the snow, and makes everything look like it's been iced. It's cold despite making a "blanket" on your shoulders. And the icicles that form are like cold daggers or points in time.

It gives you time to think and reflect, and makes you restless for spring, all at once.

Imbolc is fast approaching, and I am ready.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Kraneia Rising

Yule came and went, and my year ended as it had begun, fairly quietly. I spent a very cold afternoon removing the outdoor Christmas lights (that hadn't been on since the day after Christmas) and so now the neighborhood is a bit duller, it sleeps in waiting for the Spring to follow in the Winter's footsteps.

This was taken last year...
but this is how it feels outside at the moment! 
The thinning has continued apace. I have some things gathered for Goodwill, with more to add to the pile, as soon as I can get the energy. I have also bowed off of Facebook, at least for the time being. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, makes an attempt to email (I put it right up there on a post....) I am still going back and forth on whether to delete the account entirely, or merely let it sleep for a while till I get things straightened out...... and make my triumphant return.

I have noticed other changes, as well. I recently had the opportunity to introduce myself  with my "new" name, and it was almost a startlement to introduce myself as such. But one has to start somewhere.

We can only go up from here.

In the mean time, there is much to do. Time to make a plan, and stick with it. There are photographs that need to be taken, and a story I need to finish, and friend-family I need to find.

I turn 43 in a couple of weeks. Time to get moving.

Kraneia (AKA Scratch)