Tuesday, January 23, 2018

a snail's pace

Some days, I think of all I need to do, and I envy snails. They have all they need within their tiny little shells. Their lives are brief, and they're pretty simple as creatures go. But simple is all they need, so simple is all they are.

I found this one a couple of weeks ago, before all the snow. It seemed to still have the snail still in it (which was a bit odd, usually when I find them it's after a bird has got to the snail and just left the shell behind)

This seems to be the time of year when life sets a "snail's pace", everything moves slowly. I get impatient waiting on the spring to make its grand appearance. I re-read gardening books, and fuss over my houseplants, and wonder if I should get that little potted plant that I saw at the store, it was cute and I didn't have one like it.

The snow has pretty much left us for the time being. It has been in the 60ish range past couple of days, and tomorrow will be almost as warm. Still too cold at night to plant things, but warm enough to do some outdoor stuff during the day.

Maybe I will take a walk tomorrow, and see if I can find some more buggy friends, who are as confused at the weather as I am.

Time paces as the snail, slowly. Yet it passes.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Elf?

It is such a rare thing to see snowfall here, at least in this amount. I sweet talked my room mate into taking some snaps of  me in my ears. Some turned out better than others.

The pines out front were white with bent branches, heavy with snow.  I thought I'd hide under one of them.

I just knew I'd get a pile of snow landing on my head, but it stayed put.

So far we have got at least a couple of inches. It may stick around for a couple of days, as the temps are supposed to be well below freezing tonight. But this weekend should be close to 60... a good time for a walk in the woods.

In the mean time, there is hot cocoa, and tea, and blankets, and the heat is going full blast.

There is something mystic and magical in the snow. It hides shapes, and makes new ones. It muffles the snow, and makes everything look like it's been iced. It's cold despite making a "blanket" on your shoulders. And the icicles that form are like cold daggers or points in time.

It gives you time to think and reflect, and makes you restless for spring, all at once.

Imbolc is fast approaching, and I am ready.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Kraneia Rising

Yule came and went, and my year ended as it had begun, fairly quietly. I spent a very cold afternoon removing the outdoor Christmas lights (that hadn't been on since the day after Christmas) and so now the neighborhood is a bit duller, it sleeps in waiting for the Spring to follow in the Winter's footsteps.

This was taken last year...
but this is how it feels outside at the moment! 
The thinning has continued apace. I have some things gathered for Goodwill, with more to add to the pile, as soon as I can get the energy. I have also bowed off of Facebook, at least for the time being. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, makes an attempt to email (I put it right up there on a post....) I am still going back and forth on whether to delete the account entirely, or merely let it sleep for a while till I get things straightened out...... and make my triumphant return.

I have noticed other changes, as well. I recently had the opportunity to introduce myself  with my "new" name, and it was almost a startlement to introduce myself as such. But one has to start somewhere.

We can only go up from here.

In the mean time, there is much to do. Time to make a plan, and stick with it. There are photographs that need to be taken, and a story I need to finish, and friend-family I need to find.

I turn 43 in a couple of weeks. Time to get moving.

Kraneia (AKA Scratch)

Friday, December 8, 2017


Several months ago I was taking in the air one morning, and greeting Old Man as he prepared to drop leaves for the winter season. I felt the breeze as they stirred the leaves high above me, and I could almost swear the old white oak towering above me asked me for an altar. I felt this to be a reasonable request and so I thought a while about it. I had an old fairy figurine and some cloth, and a small lantern that takes tea candles.

It is a work in progress.

Currently, I am looking out the window of my room. It is actually snowing, although it is only sticking on the grass.  It is pretty, although I am hoping it will not stick around for long.  Winter wonderland, indeed.

I have finally settled on my "other" name.  Kraneia was a dryad in Greek mythology, who inhabited a cornus (dogwood) tree. I found this appropriate, and sounding much better than the name I was given at birth, although I'm not going to legally change my name to this, rather just request those close to me refer to me under this new name.

Stay tuned.

Friday, November 3, 2017


 I had finished the ribbons from Stones some time ago, and just kept forgetting to upload a photograph of what I had done. So here's what they look like. Not quite professional looking, but what'dya want? ;)
 I've got them hanging up with the ones from last year, and perhaps will add more next year. We'll see.

Having survived Mabon, the next spoke in the wheel was Halloween. That seems to be a time for remembering times gone by, and places that are no more, and people in your life who have passed on. To that end, my altar was decorated with some of mom's things, and photographs of both parents, and another friend who has passed on. As I lay down for sleep, I thanked them for their wisdom, and asked their assistance in the upcoming year, and help in the complexities that my life that have seemed to have sprung up here lately. I requested some wisdom of my own, and guidance.

Yesterday was spent up at the local park, to get some images that will carry me through the long, dark, cold winter I see approaching me. Literally, physically, emotionally, metaphorically--and metaphysically. I can only help to weather the storm I can see approaching.

It is, if I am allowed a cliche', about to "hit the fan".

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Mabon was spent hanging out in Virginia with some folks at a "Fairy Festival". In order to blend in a bit more, I dug out the old ears. Only to find that few people out there were wearing them. There were plenty of wings though, and I did get compliments on the ears, so all in all I count it as a win. 

I admit, I was surprised I managed to get the things to stay on all day. I was half asleep when I put them on, and hadn't put them on by myself before. Hopefully I'll get better, and get more confident with practice.

I decided to skip the wings this time round, it was going to be a hot day and I figured the hot glue might melt again and I'd be shedding leaves faster than an Oak in Autumn......We'll see how warm it is when we head down to the Renaissance Faire in a couple of weeks.

I managed to drag the roomie out as well. I have to admit,I was worried he'd be bored since it's  not really his thing. Fortunately, there were some Viking reenactors for him to talk to, he enjoyed that and is even planning on camping with them next year. We'll see how that plays out.

My attempts at making a "Mabon Mask" didn't fare too well. Originally I planned on gluing grape leaves and fake grapes to it, but everything kind of peeled off, so it's back to the drawing board.  I guess some projects you win, some you lose.

Old Man out back is sensing the change of the season. He's been dropping some acorns, and some of the older leaves have started falling off. No change in color yet though; he's the sort that waits far in the season to really shed his leaves. Then they are everywhere.  The makeshift altar I made from flat stones is still there, but will have to wait till he's finished dropping his acorns, else I'll get beaned with a nice fat one dropped from a branch (or possibly targeted by a squirrel!)

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stones Rising, 23

I went, I saw, I helped pull in a large honkin' rock.

This year's Rising saw me returning home a much different Fay. I am a little puzzled at how much involved folks remembering me from last year, and how much of it was me making myself more visible. Or perhaps both; either way, I am proud of myself for not hiding. I didn't overdo things, but I definitely got noticed more than I am used to. I offered to help a couple of people, and helped a couple more who asked for it. I did something I rarely do-- I  *GASP* actually talked to people! Yay me!

Here is the rock after being stood up and cemented in. The smaller piece was also added to fill in the gap that was left. Someone decided to call it "The Flame Stone", for obvious reasons, and the name stuck.

I have still to do something with the coloured ribbons, I guess I will stitch them together again like I did the ones from last year, I'll post a pic of that when I get it done.

I am also in the process of trying to come up with a better given name than the one I currently use. Not officially change it, as in driver's licence, etc, but just a new name to go by in day to day life. One of the possibilities is "Kraneia", which is the name of a dryad associated with dogwood (cornus) trees. But I'm still looking.

Next up--Mabon. I have still plans to work on a "Mabon mask", but that will have to wait till after this weekend, after we see if Irma wipes us off the map....