Thursday, May 11, 2017

These dreams go on when I close my eyes......

The dreams followed in direct and rapid succession. Sunday evening, I was talking to some girls who looked a bit like ones I had worked with, but different enough that I was suspicious about their intentions. I have seen the "mean girl" attitude often enough that I didn't know what to say. There was a fellow with them, looking a bit confused.

"What about Wayne?" one of the girls asks me. As in "why not?"

Of course, being the doofus I am, and unable to speak in full sentences in real waking life when it comes to meanies, I can't give them much of an answer.

I only know one person named Wayne IRL, and he's happily married, and I don't think this one resembled him, although the face (like with a lot of things in dreams) was hard to make out.

Monday evening's dream involved using a ladder to climb up on the roof of the trailer. Problem was, I'm not sure whose trailer it was--ours has a metal roof, and this one had black shingles. There were all sorts of things on the roof, that weren't supposed to be there--bedside lamps, dolls... I remember picking them up and tossing them off the roof, or kicking things till they fell off. I'm not really sure what that is supposed to mean.

I decided to make myself a little sign so visitors would know if I was home or not--I wanted to write "The Dryad Is In", but I wasn't sure folks nowadays really know what that is, at least around my woods. It will mostly be used for when I'm down at the creek--if I'm truly not home, I like to think people would be smart enough to notice the Kia is gone. ;)


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